Napcheong Bronzeware was opened at current location on 21, Oct, 1986. The supplier manufacturing Napcheong Bronzeware is Napcheong Yugi founded in 1956, having its main place at Mun Gyung City, Kyungsang Buk Do, Korea in 2000 since moving from Guro Dong, Yeumchang dong, Seoul, Anyang City and Ansan City, Kyungki Do, Korea. When we opened our store, Napcheong Bronzeware was only one shop dedicated to sell Bronzeware in Korea. Since 2000, market on Korean Bronzeware made in Bangjja technology has been bigger and bigger, many stores exist in on and off line. However, it is quite rare to find genuine quality Bangjja product having real traditional technology with proven material. Napcheong Bronzeware has been endeavoring after best quality product with craftsmanship, and will keep and develop our traditional way of manufacturing process.

You can find our shop if you walk around 50 M from Anguk subway station, which is in line No. 3, to Jongro, located at the behind of Sudo Pharmacy.
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