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My name is Hyung Man, Lee, shop owner of Napcheong Bronzeware. Napcheong name is originated from name of region now in North Korea, name of county, Napcheong located near Shineaju, broder city between North Korea and China. Napcheong was famous as origin of hand crafted Bronzeware while Ansung in South Korea was for casting one from mold. Hand crafted Bronzeware technology has been inherited from dozen people of crafts men who came to South Korea from Napcheong, North Korea around Korean War. Napcheong Bronzeware Shop was opened in 1986, selling hand crafted Bronzeware called Bangjja, most of them made by Mr. Bong Ju, Lee, National Treasure NO 77 designated by Korean Central Government in 1982. In 2015, Mr. Hyung Geun, Lee, 1st son of Mr. Bong Ju, Lee succeeded National Treasure Title by awarding from Korean central government through open competition with many candidates, and many products from him are being displayed and sold now. When I was a boy, our entire families including my sisters and mother were involved in manufacturing process due to cottage industry, having production line and tool between main entrance and porch. Nowadays, positive recognition on the Bangjja in the public made it easy to see this Korean Traditional products like rice bowl, dish plate, spoon and chop stick in the market, and even popular TV drama like Dae Jang Geum, had used our products in their properties, extending market into overseas countries to Europe, North America and as far as Middle East, getting opportunity in line with Korean drive. Our family life has been Bangjja, having manufacturing expertise with technology obtained over experience as well as theory embedded with traditional way of training. Visit us at any time and feel free to ask a question if there is any question related with Bangjja products.

-Hyung Man, Lee, 2nd son of Sir Bong Ju, Lee-